About the Author

Welcome! M. Malenga has stories to tell. He is an independent writer who lives and works in the United States. When he is not working on a new book, he spends his time with family and friends. The hope with all of his books is to encourage a love of reading and help to boost confidence. His advice to writers young and old is to never give up. M. Malenga is the author of nine books in the Griddle Creek series; Sugar Rush, Fools Gold, Spilled Milk, Pretzel Twist, French Dressing, Fishy Business, Lost Treasure, Trick or Treat, and A Griddle Creek Christmas. These action & adventure comic books are intended for a younger audience but can be enjoyed by readers of any age. For more information visit www.griddlecreek.com. M. Malenga is the author of four children's books in the Lil Bri Series; Learn Colors with Me, Come Count with Me, Come Look with Me, and Explore Shapes with Me. These books are intended to teach basic concepts to young children. He is also the author of the fictional amateur sleuth mystery books, Riddle of Darkness: A Myrtle Jenson Mystery, I Lied To You About Everything: A Myrtle Jenson Mystery, and The Delicious Flowers: A Myrtle Jenson Mystery. All books are cozy mysteries. Follow the clues and solve the mysteries. M. Malenga is the author of the children's books, Oh What Fun It Will Be: Meet Me Outside, and A Giant Lives There: A Tall Tale. He is also the author of the gratitude journal: Reflections of Gratitude: An everyday journal and, Thy Word is a Light: A Bible Journal.

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