About the Author

Marco Lucchina is a Cybersecurity director and former Chief Technology Officer, as well as a business and product strategist. I have a degree in literature, but I have always worked with technology, since the moment I assembled my first computer on my own, until 2006, when my professional path led me to the discovery of «product management». After a while, I also discovered the concept of emotional intelligence and for the ten years that followed, I studied, experimented and applied emotional stimuli to value propositions, people management and negotiations. I consider myself as a humanistic with a great passion for technology; IT professional skills in a management career. Natural ability to think at a strategic level, never losing the big picture and reliable in processes, details and execution. Still growing with an off-work passion: historical military strategy (thesis). Very focused on targets, often reached thanks to a 10 year trained negotiation capabilities and a more recent, but intensive, deepening in human being and how bare reactions, typically depending from emotions, can be used to understand the next move. Professional lover of understanding and creating business models and value propositions; innovative author of a methodology for designing and executing complex sales cycle proposals (https://www.thecameltheory.com). I strongly believe that technology is a game changer for everything and I’m able to hold speeches and debates from vision, to market trends and solutions, deep to the relations between features and business outcomes. Often associated with my sports: bike races and fighting where you have to mix heart, strategy and technics without moving to rashness. Staying close to the blade, never touching it.

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