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I grew up in the wilds of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The youngest of six children who were raised by WWII generation parents who lived by the values of enduring faith and selfless sacrifice. My father returned from the war in the Pacific unscathed, but years later was paralyzed below the waist by another enemy – polio. Yet he and my mom still managed to somehow create me, prompting my Irish grandfather at his favorite New York City pub to brag over several rounds of drinks, “There’s proof lads. You can’t keep a good Irishman down.” Despite the advantages to my parents - given dad’s disability - of having their last son remain nearby, instead they inspired me to set out and discover my life within days of my graduation from Saint Pius X High School. The receding image of my father in my pickup truck mirrors is still clear in my mind from that emotional day when I headed north to the mountains of Wyoming for a summer job that he helped me get. He in his wheelchair on the driveway with tears streaking down his face, matching those streaming down mine as I drove away. His colorful words of encouragement at my sendoff still echo in my mind. “Son, go grab life by the tail and swing the son of a gun for all its worth.” After three college gap years of work and adventure, primarily in Wyoming and Montana, I attended Montana State University and graduated with a degree in Construction Management. During my thirty-four-year construction career, which included a return to Albuquerque, I obtained an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. Now semi-retired in Spokane, Washington, I enjoy being active outdoors and building memories with my children, grandchildren, and divine soul mate of thirty-three years. Dad . . . I still have a firm grip on the tail and I’m swinging hard. Keep in touch..... Name: Mark Mullane Email: markmullane.author@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/author.markmullane

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