Marta Moran Bishop

About the Author

Marta Moran Bishop walks in the shoes of her characters and weaves the tapestry of their lives with the threads of her dreams. Her first book, Wee Three: A Mothers Love In Verse, a children’s poetry book, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, was a collaborative effort and a labor of love. She took the short, sweet verses her grandmother wrote in the nineteen thirties for her children and expanded those and added additional verses of her own. Ms. Bishop, is a prolific and versatile writer, writing in multiple genres, while continuing to stretch herself and her craft. Her series The Divide: Darkness Descend (book 1) and The Between Times (book 2) tell the story of a bleak world, where society consists of the poor and the rich and the poor live in squalor, with only a prophecy for hope of a better future. It has a touch of paranormal within its pages. She is currently working on Book 3 in the series. She has written three adult poetry books and a variety of fantasy and paranormal stories. A few of them are stories that her mother wrote over forty years ago and she finished while others are new and vibrant stories. Her novel Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal won an award at the EQUUS Film Festival, it is written first person horse, and is the story of the first year of her rescue foals' life. She also wrote the story of Dinky's mother's plight, and what a nurse mares' life is like, and what they usually end up facing, when they are no longer able to breed, and be rented to nurse another's foal. Ms. Bishop has taken many of the stories her mother, and sister wrote and finishing them. She currently lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, three horses, cats and a conure parrot named Jack. They help her remember to view the world through a child's innocence and keep her young and imaginative.

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