Mary A. Dempsey

About the Author

Mary A. Dempsey spent many years working as a journalist at newspapers and magazines in the United States and Latin America. Her mastery in interviewing, research, and storytelling underpins her book work. “People’s stories fascinate me. In working on 'Finding Love After Loss,' I was surprised by the unusually thoughtful—and quietly radical—ways widows are reassembling their lives and relationships after losing their partners,” said Mary. “These widows may not realize it, but they are slowly upending the romance landscape.” Mary lives in a book-filled house in Washington, DC, across from a big city park and a busy public library. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s immersed in music, movies, and travel. If you would like her to lead an online conversation for your group about her widowhood research, you can reach her at You can also visit her website: Follow her on Twitter @findinglovebook and on Instagram @findingloveafterloss.

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