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Mary F. Pecci, M.A. inspired generations worldwide to confidently read and master the English language. She devised and skillfully created the Pecci Reading Method to teach any student, young or old, to read English. Up until passing away in August 2020 at the age of 88 she was hard at work helping others to succeed. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Boston University and went on to do post-graduate work at Boston State College, University of California, University of San Francisco, and University of the Pacific. Her vast experience over 30 years on the firing line in the Boston and San Francisco areas ranges from Classroom Teacher, Reading Specialist, Reading Resource Coordinator, College Instructor, and Researcher - to Reading Consultant in the United States and Canada. She has written 20 books. As a Reading Specialist remediating students from every possible type of reading method, Pecci discovered that reading problems are caused by built-in traps in reading methods. While utilizing her remedial reading classroom as a laboratory, she conducted an in-depth analysis of reading methods and was able to uncover all of the reading traps that children can fall into. With input from the world's best experts (the children themselves), she gradually devised a "simplified" phonics method that avoids every one of these traps - thereby making it possible for every child to succeed. It has been tested and proven successful with every possible type of reading disability, with all age and socio-economic groups (including Juvenile Court), and with those who have been professionally diagnosed as having neurological handicaps, minimal brain damage, ADD, and dyslexia. In her book, At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child, she shares with you how you can succeed even with supposedly impossible cases. Onlinereadingteacher.com is dedicated in shining the light of Mary Pecci's amazing and effective reading technique around the world. Her books and methods apply equally to people of all ages with the desire to read.

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