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Melinda Keen, B.S., CNC, is an author and educator. Her published works include "Low Oxalate Fresh and Fast Cookbook" (2015), "Real Food Real Results" (2016), "Living Low Oxalate" (2018), "Tame the Flame Cookbook" (2019), and "Living Low Oxalate Cookbook" (2023). Her first cookbook, "Low Oxalate Fresh and Fast Cookbook" grew out of her love of cooking and the desire to help others prepare a variety of fresh and healthy low oxalate (40-50 mg oxalates) meals. Her second cookbook, "Real Food Real Results" includes gluten-free, low oxalate, and nutrient rich recipes. Her experience with chronic illness and research on the potential ill effects of harmful foods led her to evaluate and rework her recipes which transformed her own life and health. "Living Low Oxalate" is a resource book that reveals how oxalate rich foods are linked to bladder pain, kidney stones, joint pain and inflammation, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This well researched, easy to read book explains what oxalates are, which foods contain this natural toxin and how they can adversely affect your health. "Tame the Flame Cookbook" provides guidance for identifying which foods trigger inflammation and a back-to-basics, natural approach to reducing chronic inflammation. The author shares more than 150 simple, healthy, and fresh recipes that cater to individuals with food sensitivities, are budget friendly, and do not require hard-to-find ingredients. Her newest cookbook, "Living Low Oxalate Cookbook" (2023) is a collection of low oxalate as well as ultra-low oxalate recipes. This cookbook is for those who want to take control of their health by understanding that the key part of restoring health is a diet without toxic chemicals. It's a resource that makes it easier to follow a low oxalate diet and a companion book to "Living Low Oxalate". In it you will find reliable oxalate food content lists and nutrient rich recipes that include the oxalate content per serving. Read More at Melindakeen.com

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