Michael D. Butler

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Hi, I am Michael D. Butler, Celebrity King/Queen Maker and the Simon Cowell of Book Publishing. Global Speaker and Host of Around the World with MichaelD. My global vision is to turn authors into best-sellers and international speakers and help you...Find Your Voice, Grab the Mic, Take the Stage. My Impact With authors in 30 countries, Beyond Publishing authors have spoken on 6 continents and are impacting change and bringing favor to multitudes in many nations. Featuring experts in health, law, business, relationships, finances, start-up companies, raising capital, taking companies public, acquiring venture capital, and more. My Give Back I have founded and run 1040Impact.org that rescues kids in human trafficking in Asia and prepares them with business skills for life. My Support Having published 620 titles by 150 authors in 30 countries, I support my authors by getting them on stages and promoting their books at the major book shows of the world through catalogs and foreign rights sales for maximum distribution. I run the Global Elite Speakers Bureau that puts speakers and authors on stages globally. My Media Experience I have been a guest on Fox News and have gotten his clients onto CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Good Morning America, TMZ, TLC, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, TBN, TruTV, Fox Business, and many others. Connect now: https://MichaelDButler.com https://BeyondPublishing.net https://www.facebook.com/BeyondBookPublishing http://Instagram.com/MichaelDButlerSr https://ThePublisherPodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/beyondpublishing/ https://www.facebook.com/BeyondBookPublishing Contact now: O: 323.248.8996 Dallas E:michael@beyondpublishing.net MichaelDButler.com @MichaelButlerSr Check my podcast: The Publisher Podcast Check out my International books in multiple languages: · The Single Dad’s Survival Guide, · Best-Seller Status – Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age · The Speaker’s Edge – Turning Your Part-Time Passion into Your Full-Time Speaking Career · It's Complicated - When Finding Love was a Matter of Letting Go · Freedom The Book - Celebrating The True Heroes Behind the Scenes in the War to End Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

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