Mr. George R. Blow

About the Author

As an award-winning TV producer/director residing in New Orleans, George R. Blow witnessed first hand the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Deeply affected by the untimely passing of several close friends and family members in the years following the storm, he determined to change course and pursue a more meaningful path in his life. Long a student of the inner journey, the author found that making the enjoyment of existence his number one priority did not land him in a monastery or on top of a lonely mountain, but on the contrary made him much more productive and prosperous. Today Blow is the author and founder of Peace is Practical ( and writes/produces in numerous genres - including novels, screenplays, short stories, self-help books and music videos - as well as lecturing on the importance and practicality of "enjoying ones own existence". He also gives instructional presentations on his popular golf book, "Master Classes: the Evolution of the Golf Swing" on cruise lines and driving ranges.

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