About the Author

Muriel has helped assist countless souls on the journey back home to their heart center. After a twenty-five-year professional music career, in 2010, she expanded further into the ancient healing arts of Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and Sound Healing. She is considered a jack of all metaphysical trades specializing in several different healing modalities including spiritually healing bodywork, long distance healing, psychic surgeries, spiritual guidance, and paleopsychology (dream-work). Muriel has been a self-published author since 2017, including works such as Book of Lyrics 1992-2013, Dreamweaver: A Step Into Forgotten Realms, Soul Ship: A Personal Account of Embodied Enlightenment, and created, produced, and co-wrote with various writers, Dragons Speak: a tapestry of personal stories on self-realization. She is available for public speaking events, interviews, and provides webinars and workshops.

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