About the Author

I am the mother of three adult kids and three very wonderful grandkids. I enjoy writing because it is an outward expressive tool that can reach people everywhere. In writing poetry I wish to show that we all are unique but similar in many ways. No one person is void of emotion and my way to express myself is in writing. I can express myself completely. I have lived in North Carolina all my life, and here is where I will stay. I love the different seasons and all the beauty and versatility I find here. I own many pets, whom I cherish. They are very special to me. I love all kinds of animals. The most interesting thing about me in terms of my pets is that I once owned a toad I found for 10 years. I fed him bugs, crickets, millers, ants, etc. His name was "Toady". One of the things I like to do is take walks in the woods. I love to listen to birds singing and just meditate on things while I walk. As a kid, I would pretend that the woods were my house and that I had lots of rooms. I would play for hours outside until I was told to come in. Writing is great and I hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I love sharing them.

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