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Nadine Greiner, Ph.D. is a Human Resources executive and author based in San Francisco, California. She writes about leadership, stress, and self improvement, providing practical solutions and interesting stories. Nadine has earned a reputation as a fresh, contemporary, and approachable force in Silicon Valley by pairing her scientific grounding in human and organization behavior with a practical approach to executive improvement. Nadine has been a corporate CEO of a health care company, so she understands first-hand what it takes to be a successful executive, and she knows her readers’ and clients' joys and challenges in an intimate way. A successful entrepreneur before the term was known, she built an executive coaching consultancy in San Francisco to help executives. Over the years, she accelerated the development of over a thousand leaders, transforming their teams and catapulting their businesses. Nadine attributes her success to her unique trifecta: Part executive, part talent strategist, part psychologist. Dr. Greiner's readers also benefit from the highest level of advanced education on the services she provides and writes about: She holds a dual Ph.D. in Organization Development and Clinical Psychology (earned at the age of 25), is a certified Change Leader, Mediator, and certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. In addition to coaching and consulting with her clients, Dr. Greiner speaks at events, and helps other coaches and consultants by teaching in postgraduate programs globally. On a personal note, Nadine is married to a scientist, and they are dedicated to animal welfare, having fostered, rehabilitated, and trained thousands of cats and dogs. 20% of DrNadine profits go to animals. Nadine stays fit by running after them, and by joining the dance party with her friends at Zumba. DrNadine.com Quick update!: Dr. Greiner finished writing "Stress-Less Leadership", a book inspired by the surge of stressed-out executives seeking her help. Follow her here on Amazon to get news of its publication.

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