About the Author

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Onno Benschop is an unashamed geek with a history of explaining complex topics to decision makers. He runs his consultancy from home, wherever that happens to be, offering advice, recommendations and solutions to clients around the world, face-to-face or via the Internet. With a background in software development, radio broadcasting and public speaking, Onno often finds himself solving problems for clients that others have been unable to. Amateur radio started as a hobby to get away from computing and has transformed into an adventure that shows no signs of letting up. Licensed in Australia in 2010 with a Foundation License, Onno (VK6FLAB) produces a weekly podcast, "Foundations of Amateur Radio" and co-hosts a net called "F-troop" for new and returning amateurs. In his spare time, Onno participates in hackathons, contributing to society with data analytics, teaching and public speaking.

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