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Photos: Rai & Star Wars clone friend; Official author photo: Rai Aren on the right, Tavius E. on the left. ** Sign up to Rai's mailing list & receive a FREE copy of her archaeology adventure novella LOST CITY OF GOLD, plus more fun, exclusive bonuses at: raiaren.com/subscribe ** RAI AREN (Twitter: @raiaren), co-author of SECRET OF THE SANDS and DESTINY OF THE SANDS, and the author of REVELATION OF THE SANDS, LOST CITY OF GOLD, & THE LOST METAL LIBRARY. Rai is super-proud that books in the Secret of the Sands trilogy, archaeology adventure/alternate historical fantasy/mystery novels, have been Amazon kindle category bestsellers (thank-you readers!). She's thrilled at the ongoing fan following that the books are enjoying. Your messages and support mean the world! The Secret of the Sands trilogy: Secret of the Sands Destiny of the Sands Revelation of the Sands You can learn more about these adventures on her other homepage at: www.secretofthesands.com BIOS: RAI AREN Rai loves the stories of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Indiana Jones (her first kitty cat is named Indiana, Indy for short), and The Matrix (take the red pill!), to name but a few. She loves getting lost in these enchanting worlds and studying their underlying philosophies. Ancient Egypt has held a particular fascination for her since childhood. She is a HUGE sci-fi geek and has turned her own family into Trekkies (boo-yeah!) She hopes you live long and prosper :) Rai feels that novels have the ability to take us on magic carpet rides, allowing us to escape into fascinating and engaging worlds, where the stories become real to us. Storytelling is an ancient, timeless practice and is an integral part of who we are. For Rai, writing a novel is a similar, but far more intense experience and she is thrilled to be a part of such an honored tradition. She believes that these stories are out there, waiting and wanting to be told - that they travel the universe in search of the door, the conduit, to the soul who is meant to tell their tale… TAVIUS E. Tavius E. enjoys movies such as The Lord of the Rings and The Star Wars trilogies, which have ignited his imagination. Authors such as David Eddings and Dan Brown have inspired him to write. He also enjoys learning about ancient Egypt and archaeology. He sometimes looks up at the stars in the skies and wonder about all the amazing stories that have never been told. As a result, he and his friend, Rai Aren, are pursuing their shared interests of being successful storytellers. UPCOMING WORKS: Rai is continuing work on her various solo projects, including her Ancient Quest Mystery Series, archaeology adventure/thriller/mystery stories, that have a touch of the supernatural. She loves releasing her inner Indiana Jones and going on fun adventures! Stay tuned for more details to come!

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