About the Author

I am the quirky hot mess called Rebel, Bel for short. I am retired from a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) as a first responder. My sense of humor is as dark as parts of my soul and sometimes I let the music speak when I can't find the words. The main downfall of my former profession is never knowing what happens next. Once a patient is safely in the emergency room, I never know if they recovered, if their family made it in time, or if life could go on. I started twisting my patient's trauma into a happily ever after with a rich backstory and humor in the dark. I write real-life horror and about the darkest pieces of humanity but I bring light through the scars, love, healing, and humor. After becoming intimately involved in the trials and tribulations of my characters, I laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, and sigh at the end. I hope that you, too, get lost in another world, find light in the dark, get inspired, and get frisky with your Love. You'll need to only read one more chapter before bed. I won't even call you out on that lie. Not even at 2 am. Secrets between friends and all. (wink) .

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