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I'm a weeb first, writer second. I gained an interest in writing at around age 13 while playing Dungeons & Dragons with a few of my close friends. I started out by writing down some of the campaigns we played in a more novel-like form rather than simple notes. A certain campaign stuck with me for a long time, and an adaptation of it might see the light of day eventually. Anyway, my first serious writing project was The Blade of Radiance, which is available here on amazon. I also write the KAIJU//HACKER webnovel, which is free to read on the Honeyfeed website. My biggest inspirations as a writer are probably Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Monogatari Series, and Steins;Gate, all of which are stories available in the anime format. I don't actually read much, surprisingly, but still play TTRPGs to this day.

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