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Regina Smola (nee Mahaney) has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and became a victim a compromised website in 2004. She then began her journey to build her knowledge of website and online security. Through her passion and motivation, Regina is a sought-after security expert. She has helped thousands of WordPress users tighten security on their blogs and cleaned hundreds of malware-infected websites. Her security advise has also been featured on Entrepreneur.com. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as a team facilitator, security service provider or an inspiring speaker, Regina's commitment to website owners about the dangers and behaviors of malicious hackers is second to none. If you would like to learn more about securing your website or need help getting your website fixed, visit Regina's website at wpsecuritylock.com or email support@wpsecuritylock.com. Connect with me on Facebook & Twitter @wpsecuritylock You can also find me at plus.google.com/+Wpsecuritylock and linkedin.com/in/reginasmola

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