About the Author

Robert W. McGee worked as a certified public accountant (CPA), accounting professor, attorney, banker, and consultant, and published 58 nonfiction books before becoming a novelist. Along the way, he earned 23 academic degrees, including 13 doctorates from universities in the United States and 4 European countries, and worked or lectured in more than 30 countries. He is a world champion in taekwondo, karate, kung fu and tai chi (both Yang and Sun styles). He has won 80+ gold medals in taekwondo and karate national championship tournaments (U.S.A.). His career gold medal count stands at 900+. He has been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Taekwon-do Hall of Fame, and the Who's Who in Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He spends most of his time in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Southeast Asia, and Europe. His first novel - Justifiable Homicide: A Political Thriller - addresses one of the most basic questions in political philosophy: When does killing political leaders constitute justifiable homicide? His first novelette - Annie and the Senator: A Story of Vigilante Justice - shows what a woman can do when a senator tries to destroy her life. Several other novelettes are available from his author page.

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