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My name is Robin Wood. For many years I was primarily an illustrator, painting book covers, magazine covers, a Tarot Deck, and a book I co-authored with Anne McCaffrey called People of Pern. About 20 years ago, I had to give that up for health reasons, and moved into writing and working with 3D graphics programs on the computer. During the next decade or so, I wrote two non-fiction books, and a humorous essay, and was tech-editor on a couple of books about Lightwave (a 3D app.) After that, I concentrated mainly on Second Life. Now I’m starting to write fiction. I’ve finished a couple of short stories, and I’m working on a novel. I hope to have them here soon! If you want to see what I’m working on, please visit my blog at http://robinwood.com/blog/ If you want to see past work, including many of my illustrations, please visit http://robinwood.com

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