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I could never write about a happy, conventional couple living in a happy, conventional, suburban neighbourhood with two cars and one and a half children, a dog and a pet bird, working at happy, conventional, uneventful jobs. My heroes and heroines have to walk through fire (or rather, crawl through fire), get strangled, beaten, shot at, drowned, poisoned, get caught in tornadoes or earthquakes or get attacked by mutant gnats. Or, they have to strangle, beat, shoot, drown and poison other people. A story with anything less than these dramatic, hair-raising elements was always too boring for me to even consider telling. I believe in magic. I believe that the world is full of mystery, and that there are more things in heaven and earth than could ever be dreamt of in our conventional, logic-based philosophies. Outside of that, as a dry, mundane list of facts about me, I’m a single parent from a village near Montreal, Canada, who now enjoys the freaking great good fortune to live happily with my two sons on the almost-tropical south coast of Spain, basking in summer eight months of the year. Typical activities include running a marathon with the kids to school every morning and cooking frequently for an Always Hungry teenaged son with four stomachs. Drop by my website to read juicy tidbits of trivia about the books that I write, quirky facts related to these books that no one knows about, musings about how I write and more. You can find me at: www.SEAmadis.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/seamadis/ Or follow me on Twitter at: @seramadis As long as you keep reading them, I'll keep writing more books, because I LURRRVE to make up stories more than anything!

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