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I'd like to tell you I'm flawless, but you'd know right away it was a lie. Someone once told me I could hide most of my flaws with the help of glue, paper clips, duct tape, and of course, a smile! I was born in Waukegan, Illinois, and in my teen years I moved to California. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of my life.I spent over 25 years as management in the food and beverage industry. Sometimes I wonder why I did that! (Tough work!) In 2000, I bought a home on the internet, packed up a U-Haul, and moved to North Dakota. Most of my friends said after one winter I'd return to the California sunshine. Well, that never happened. I'm now proud to be a member of a small community in North Dakota where I can witness and experience the way of life most can only dream about. I'm just someone who happens to be a Veteran of the United States Army, a college graduate, and a grandmother who has an awesome life. I started writing in 2007 while temporarily stranded in a wheelchair. After sharing my disappointment with a friend regarding a novel I’d read, the friend suggested I write one of my own. Loving Adonis was written in September 2007 and stuck in a drawer. A few months later, I wrote Twisted Engagement. It too, ended up in a drawer. In January 2014, the two first drafts were removed from the drawer, “tweaked” a little, and after some fine tuning, published for everyone’s enjoyment. ​ While reading or writing, more times than not, I have a glass of Merlot or Beaujolais next to me. Though I also have a weakness for GOOD Extra Dry champagne. A good book, a glass of good wine, and Kenny G or Jane Olivor in the background.... what could be better? More information about me, or my upcoming fifth novel scheduled for release in 2023, can be found on my website sandikwhipple.com.

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