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Sandra Joy Eastman is a graduate of Long Ridge Writer's Group, Writer's Digest Books, and American Writers and Artists Institute. She began her writing career in 1994 after recovering from a critical illness. The event changed her life and gave her the perspective she follows in her writings. She has authored seven books and been published in numerous magazines and websites. She has always enjoyed writing about pets and the part they have played in her life and those of her loved ones. Her own personal experience is a great part of her writings. Publishing credits include: Pets Across America book series Good Catch Publishing Christian book series Pets Part of the Family Magazine All About Pets website Romantic Shorts Online Publication Rubies Escaping the Curse – Four book series on Amazon God’s Gracious Gift – Why Coincidence Does Not Exist Angels with Fur - Do We See our Beloved Pets in Heaven? - 2nd edition 2020 Easy Holiday Recipes Guaranteed to Work Rubies Saga came about because of the stories related to Sandra about her own grandmother's journey to America in 1913. Kaja Ericsen left her children behind in Norway and it was only many years later one of them found her family and came to America. Rubies takes place in the small town of Mooreton, North Dakota, Brainerd, Minnesota and Duluth, Minnesota - all locations an integral part of Sandra's life. She has just published her recent memoir, God's Gracious Gift - Why Coincidence Does not Exist. This is her own true story of a life changing experience that brought her from death to life because of a miracle from God. She is the mother of two grown children, has three beautiful granddaughters and lives in Minnesota where she continues to write her stories. Her website Freelance with Copyhound is an online resource for writers and professionals seeking to better their business or write their own book.

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