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Sasha Tenodi is speaker and trainer dedicated and passionate about helping people to take control of their lives. With a Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences degree from the University of Zagreb and many years working as an expert in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Sasha is able to draw on his own diverse background - rich with experience and hard won lessons - in order to provide strategies and inspire others to become better, more successful versions of themselves. He believes that we all have the ability to become exactly who we've always wanted to be, no matter what conditions or failures we have gone through in life. He shares his knowledge by offering a hands-on approach to learning the basics and complexities behind life design. His strongest value in life is time. Time for his wife Ana and a new born son Ivano. Time for education, learning and developing new skills. Just about anything that can improve his mind map and mind maps of people he cares for.

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