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My name hasn’t yet reached fame, but there shall come time, for it to be prime. You’ll eat it, for it’ll be out of the pit. Sibongile is my birth given name, Shezi my father's last name. Forget the cruise, young and old, don’t be cold, but be bold and come to my world. Open the Shezi files, to find for yourself that everything is fine, then jive, still in my hive. Poor and wealthy, don’t be filthy, join the band, and come to my land. I was born on December twenty-first, to take away your thirst. I give to you words, which will change the world, and it, fold inside out. I not only the world in my hands hold, but also your heart, and I, it cherish and replenish it, to make it not to perish, but instead flourish. Couple or single, let me you into my world tangle, join the rap, and let’s it together wrap. Welcome to my world. Born in 1985 to make you thrive, I’m here and going nowhere. I’m the solution to your problems. You can me for everything blame, at no cost. Because making you happy is my post, whether you with this agree or disagree. It makes no difference, because these are my words, in my world. Love, let me make about it a fuss. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, perhaps still doing it. For long I’ve been living, never lying about how I truly feel. I never seal my true feelings. My feelings and experiences are the foundation of my writing career.

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