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Exceptional for children, adults and animal lovers! Enjoyed in Dubai, Nepal, China, and North America. Star combines fiction storytelling with nonfiction. She is the founder of Starlight Fables. Star has been a Reiki Master since 1999, teaching students worldwide at her online accredited schools, Healing Spiral of Light and AnimalHealers.com. Her book Willow Meets Hawk contains many of her personal animal energy healing experiences. Star is also a certified TEFL/TESOL teacher. Star's travels have taken her to many countries. However, her time spent in a Nepal jungle and Borneo rainforest are some of her most treasured memories. Star was born in Canada's maritime province of Nova Scotia. She currently resides in British Columbia. Praises from her readers include: "I am a teacher and have always worked with young children. For this reason, I can say without any doubt that Candy Floss On The Moon is perfect for young kids! I love the positive message and how it is explained through awesome travel and imagination. I loved every single character, every animal, and how they teach fundamental principles…it’s awesome! This story would be a great theatre show for children!" ~B.B. "I am a school teacher and also do volunteer work with orphans. I often read your stories to the kids, and they get especially excited when I do. And for myself, this beautiful piece of work truly moved me from the bottom of my heart. Your exquisite writing, bold imagination, rich feelings, and warm love deeply intoxicated me." ~C. "Secrets Of The Milky Way chronicles the awakening process for a young person to first discover their authentic self, then realize their life's purpose, and if the pattern holds true, finally begin to manifest the reality they desire into physical form. This should become household children's stories. Our youth deserve to grow up in a world where their potential is limited only by their beautiful, unique imaginations." ~N.L. "I read right through without putting it down. It is excellent. It grabbed me. I freely admit that occasionally a tear came to my eye. I think the story is well structured and very well written. An excellent read." ~P.W. These books are not A.I. generated. Written by an actual person.

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