Stephen C. Harper

About the Author

Stephen C. Harper, Ph.D. is a best-selling author, award-winning professor, entrepreneur, former President of four organizations, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader. He has written eight books on leadership and entrepreneurship. The McGraw-Hill Guide to Starting Your Own Business is a best seller. The first edition was a featured selection for numerous book clubs. The second edition continues to be popular - including the Chinese edition - for people who want to start a lifestyle business. Extraordinary Entrepreneurship: The Professional's Guide to Starting an Exceptional Enterprise is targeted for professionals in established organizations who are thinking about starting a high-growth business. The Ever-Evolving Enterprise: Guidelines for Creating Your Company's Future was launched in 2011. Taking Your Business to the Next Level and Beyond: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Developing an Exceptional Enterprise was launched in July, 2012. His latest book, Here's to the Crazy Entrepreneurs: Is Entrepreneurism a Mental Disorder? was launched in 2013.

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