About the Author

For over twenty years Tami Yaari has been a unique life and business mentor. Throughout the years Tami has reached many and was privileged to deeply change their lives.
 Her extraordinary success is based on her special intuitive talents, as well as her wide knowledge in a variety of fields, and her both spiritual and practical approach to any issue addressed. In the business arena Tami is a phenomena in succeeding to generate a breakthrough in people's careers and lives, due to her sharp observations and the transformative techniques she uses.
Tami’s multidisciplinary background consists of years of spiritual training in both western and in eastern worlds, a range of therapy and healing methods, meditations, yoga and more, apart from knowledge in marketing, selling and business consultation. Tami was born in 1973. She lives in with her two small children in Israel, from where she speaks with people around the globe. 
From a young age Tami has being travelling the world a lot, being numerous times in India, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, the States and more. 

Tami graduated her first degree with excellence in Jewish Philosophy and Mastery with ownership in Indian Philosophy, both in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In 2007 Tami won first place in a reality show in the Israeli T.V named “THE POWER”.
In that program Tami was tested among other participants with her intuitive abilities, such as having a direct and unexplained knowledge about people and situations that she had never met before. Tami’s unique and exact observation has laid an unforgettable impression on the audience. Tami’s method named “BUSINESS ALCHEMY” is designed to enable self and business transformation to a new level of awareness and success. The success Tami leads to, is both inner and outer, connected to ones heart and soul, and structured in everyday life. Her teachings are easy to understand and to accomplish as they meant to assist us all. Tami teaches in lectures, seminars, small groups and in ‘one on one’ training programs.

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