About the Author

Tarra Light is an inspired author, artist, and visionary for the times to come. She writes teaching stories that heal the heart and open the mind to new ways of seeing. From her earliest years, Tarra felt a driving curiosity to know what is true. She is drawn to the spiritual dimension of life, the unseen, formless realm from which Creation arises. She discovered she has a purpose for her life and was blessed with psychic gifts, the ability to heal and a sense of inner knowing. She serves as a channel of inspiration from the higher realms. Psychic cats play starring roles in her stories. In the trilogy, "Cats Can Save the World," we follow the adventures of Tom and Kriya and their three cats—Tiger, Princess, and Mirabel. In Book One, "The Princess of Freedom," Princess receives a dream-message calling her into the Mystic Forest, an enchanted land where animals speak and nature spirits dwell. Distraught over Princess’s disappearance, Kriya embarks on a search for her beloved cat, traversing the wilderness where she undergoes a process of transformation. She seeks counsel from Tiger, the cat master, who teaches her to surrender to the wisdom of love. (Recommended for children and the young at heart.) In Book Two, "Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets," Tom and Kriya move into an old mansion haunted by mischievous spirits (gremlets) who taunt the cats and instigate trouble. Kriya is accosted by the ghost of a whistleblower who urges her to tell the world secrets he discovered and died for. (Recommended for teenagers and adults.) In Book Three, "Cat on a Mission," Tiger realizes his dreams and fulfills his destiny. He and his cat partner Fiddle travel through the forestlands to the Temple of Golden Light. There they meet the Avian Elders, who impart galactic knowledge to help humanity awaken. (Recommended for teenagers and adults.) A past life regression became the impetus for writing "Angel of Auschwitz." By accessing her soul memory, she was able to recall in vivid detail her lifetime as Natasza Pelinski, a Jewish girl taken prisoner to Auschwitz. Natasza becomes the leader of a team of healers who risk their lives to care for their sick and wounded comrades. From an astrological perspective, as we transition to the Aquarian Age, "Angel of Auschwitz" serves to free humanity from the grip of the past by releasing the imprint of trauma from the collective consciousness. "The Time Doctor Takes a Vacation" is of particular interest to the light-bearers and way-showers who want to create a future in alignment with their hearts. The Time Doctor has developed the creative powers of his mind to become a Master of Time. He travels to the year 2255 searching for answers in the future to bring back to his home time to save the Earth from destruction. Tarra lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her cats Katie and Bhakti. She dedicates her life to healing the Earth, opening human hearts and awaking all souls to God’s eternal love. Please visit her website www.TarraLight.com. All books are for sale on Amazon.

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