About the Author

Thea was introduced to the world of writing many years ago when a position at the high school newspaper opened. Writing became an outlet that allowed her to share stories that developed in her mind. Ideas were constantly developing, a notepad and pen were a main necessity. Through the years she wrote several short stories, but never considered publishing. It wasn’t until a few years ago when a detour, on the writing road, led her into the horror genre. Enjoying the genre, she needed to explore other worlds of writing. That’s when the romance genre grabbed her attention. She enjoys writing paranormal romance with a slice of horror. Currently, Thea is married to a man, whom she calls, not only her husband, but her best friend. Being pen pals for over a year they decided to have a once in a lifetime, short courtship. 20+ years later they’re still happily married with two boys and two four legged babies. When not writing, she's a Selenophile at heart, enjoys anything to do with the ocean, reading, writing, wine, coffee, photography, bee conservation, astronomy, bird watching, squirrels and just enjoying life to its fullest. A quote she lives by is 'live by the Sun, love by the Moon"

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