V.L. Brunskill

About the Author

V.L. Brunskill has been a professional writer for twenty years. She ditched journalism class after landing her very first interview with the late, great, punk icon Joey Ramone. As a national music journalist, V.L. has written for publications such as Metronome magazine, CREEM, The Boston Globe, and Boston Phoenix. From hundreds of rock star interviews to rocking ions, V.L. went on to become a technical writer in the semiconductor and IT fields. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on Christmas Eve, and adopted after seven months, V.L. was reborn in 1991, when she was reunited with her biological parents. She moved south to be closer to both. V.L. assists other adoptees to search on her blog adoptionfind.wordpress.com V.L. lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her bass-player husband, above-average daughter, and delightfully bad dog. "Searching is difficult. Finding is life-altering." -V.L. Brunskill ---- Praise for the Author In her debut novel, music journalist to the stars, V.L Brunskill, intricately weaves the very complex issues of a modern day Northern adoption-seeker into the historical quilt and Southern charm of a place I now call home. Brava! Waving Backwards: A Savannah Novel, has something for every reader.-- Bertice Berry, PhD., Best-Selling Author of Redemption Song and The Ties That Bind Waving Backwards is a compelling reminder of the need we all feel to know who we are and where we came from, and when that quest comes with a cryptic clue, a memorable romance and the charm only a city like Savannah can provide, we rush along with determined Lara Bonavito to uncover the ultimate truths.-- John Warley, Author of A Southern Girl, Bethesda's Child, and The Moralist.

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