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www.vaughnedward.com VAUGHN EDWARD is an author, vocalist, instrumentalist and photographer. He toured across the country, from coast to coast, singing his originals and performing with pop, funk, blues, electronic, jazz, rock, ska, reggae, orchestra and world bands. Along with vocals, he plays fluently, the keyboard, saxophone and hand drums, and he has a background in dance. He has lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Orlando, the Triangle in NC, and the East Bay in Northern CA. ​His travels have led him through almost every mountain range in the United States. During his travels, he studied for fifteen years under many authentic, enlightened teachers from India, Tibet, the U.K., Jamaica, the Island of Mauritius and elsewhere. Each of his teachers left their mark and contributed in some way to the stories and basis of Warrior Children, and the gods and goddesses within the series. He has authored the WARRIOR CHILDREN YA Fantasy book series. Stay up-to-date with him, as he will be publishing a music technique book, and a songwriting book for music students!

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