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Dr. Vera Ingrid Tarman is a world renown food addiction expert, who writes, speaks and treats people who suffer from sugar addiction, food addiction, and who seek food recovery. Dr. Tarman has conducted numerous workshops, spoken as guest and has been co-host of two TV addiction call in series (Addictions Unplugged, and Toronto Speaks: Addiction). She has been interviewed by national media such as CBC and highly respected shows like the Agenda and Black Art / White Coat. She has been on multiple American and Canadian podcasts. She maintains a website on addictions called addictionsunplugged.com. She is well established in the field of Addiction Medicine and is the Medical Director of Renascent, one of Canada's largest treatment centres for substance abuse, where she has treated over 10,000 patients. Dr. Tarman is the author of "Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction", and "Food Junkies: Recovery from Food Addiction". These are standard texts that are used in school, food addiction programs and courses. She spearheaded the first inpatient and outpatient programs in Canada for food addiction. A medical pioneer in the field of compulsive overeating and food addiction, she has treated over 100 food addiction patients in the last few years. Dr.Tarman's main goal is to put food addiction 'on the table' of services offered to people suffering from addictions. Food addiction is often dismissed or neglected, leaving many people without the necessary help and compassion they need to get well. As a recovering food addict herself, Dr. Tarman knows that freedom from food addiction is food serenity. Freedom from food addiction tastes great!

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