About the Author

Author Victor Harrington might easily be said to have the quintessential family history of a writer. The family adventure began in 1850 with Edward an Englishman in the British army stationed in India. Edward survived the carnage that was to follow the Great Indian Mutiny and went on to wed a Muslim princess whose family lived near the city ofAgra. Enter Evangeline Grace Wilson the only daughter of an American Presbyterian Missionary, and who would marry the author’s great, great, grandfather, John Patrick on December 24, 1896. The author and his family make their home in New York City. A city from which Evangeline Grace Wilson had left with her father a little over one-hundred years ago. Victor’s journey to New York from his childhood home in Canada makes the circle complete. Living in New York allows him to witness the continuing drama of individual lives unfolding, and reinforces the fact that human joy, suffering, and redemption are quite literally felt the same way in everyone. The author loves to eavesdrop. The thoughts shared by one person to another can provide the material for what can become a compelling story. He has placed into his memory countless stories that were worth hearing and were whispered from both the living as well as from the ghosts that haunt his city. Victor has worked in the financial services industry for the last sixteen years. He has completed his second novel.

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