Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Challenger Decks 2022 | All 4 Decks | Izzet Phoenix + Dimir Control + Gruul Stompy + Orzhov Humans
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About this item

  • Bundle of 4 Pioneer 2022 Challenger Decks—Izzet Phoenix, Dimir Control, Gruul Stompy, Orzhov Humans
  • Izzet Phoenix (Blue-Red)—cast a whole lotta spells and fly in with spell-loving creatures
  • Dimir Control (Blue-Black)—thwart your opponent’s plans and set your own in motion
  • Gruul Stompy (Red-Green)—accelerate your mana early and crush with giant threats
  • Orzhov Humans (White-Black)—buff your army with anthems and keep your opponent off-balance
  • Each Includes: 60-card Pioneer MTG deck, 15-card sideboard, and 1 deck box
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