Magic: The Gathering 2022 Challenger Deck Bundle | All 4 Decks | Mono White Aggro + Dimir Control + Rakdos Vampires + Gruul Stompy4.7 out of 5 stars10

About this item

  • Bundle of 4 MTG 2022 Challenger Decks—Mono White Aggro (White), Dimir Control (Blue-Black), Rakdos Vampires (Black-Red), and Gruul Stompy (Red-Green)
  • Mono White Aggro—assemble an army of small creatures, grow them, and smash your foes
  • Dimir Control—control the field with removal, then finish the job with a single card
  • Rakdos Vampires—get vampires and Blood tokens, then sacrifice them for big damage
  • Gruul Stompy—summon big creatures early, then outpace your opponents with card draw
  • Each contain: 60-card deck, 15-card sideboard, 1 deck box
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