Electoral College Combat (Two-Player Card Game: Fun, Fast-paced, and Unpredictable)4.2 out of 5 stars66
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About this item

  • Electoral College Combat simulates all the excitement of election night!
  • Two players amass electoral votes while navigating Fake News and more to become the leader of the free world. Electoral College Combat features 50 custom state cards plus Washington DC and five wild cards.
  • Win states while navigating Russian collusion, celebrity endorsements, recounts, swing states, and Fake News. When the chaos is over, the player with 270 electoral votes emerges President of the United States. Second prize? Hindsight and a book deal. Ghost writer available upon request.
  • Fast-paced, unpredictable fun!
  • The rules on the tuck-box are brief. We recommend watching the short, simple instructional videos we posted on this listing. (The game is designed to capture the excitement of election night. The game is not difficult, but it has pecular rules. For maximum enjoyment, we urge you to review the game videos.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: We've produced short, informative videos to guide play. They're all available on this listing page. We hope you enjoy it. Message us with any questions.
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