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on January 18, 2012
My first option was to buy an Arris WBM760A as part of a new setup to replace an unreliable Surfboard SBG6850 but it wasn't being sold anywhere but ebay for more than I'd like to pay. After receiving the Ubee 3513 from Amazon, Comcast could not activate it and had tried different methods to activate it without success. I had lost hope and almost returned the Ubee to Amazon until I came across someone on the internet mentioning that they had activated their modem by using Comcast's activation page. I gave it a try and presto... activation success! So if you are having difficulty as I was, try

So far, the cable modem has been great. There were no drops or resets. I also have a Motorola SBG6580 that constantly resets... stay away from the SBG6580 as many have said of its problems!

Update: Recently I found out why the uBee has trouble setting up with Comcast when I requested a technician to do a final check to see if my internet connection was good. When Comcast tries to setup the uBee, their system does not expect a customer to own a uBee modem so it won't setup. Now if you use the online setup, the modem will be setup but however as a Netgear modem. As a Netgear modem, there was no functional issues as it may have the same chipset as the uBee modem. This is the best way to set this modem up and then leave it that way. Be careful if you have a Comcast tech set this modem up as a uBee, you will be charged the rental because Comcast detects uBee serial numbers as belonging to Comcast. Now I have a problem with Comcast to straighten out because the tech setup my uBee modem as a uBee modem instead of leaving the modem as a Netgear modem. (See update below, maybe you can setup the uBee modem the right way by calling Comcast?)

Update: In regards to Comcast modem rental charge... my local Comcast store cannot help with the rental charges. I called Comcast billing today to tell them that I own my uBee modem and that I am being charged the rental. All they did was ask for the modem serial number and mac address, and without further questions corrected the problem and refunded my rental fees. Sweet! We'll see when my next bill arrives. 3-8-12
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on January 18, 2012
This is the same modem I received from Comcast two years ago, back then I was charged $2.00 a month for the modem, then 8 months later $5.00, and now $7.00. When this modem arrived (onetime), I turned off the computer, disconnected it from the wireless router, connected the coax cable to new modem, connect the computer directly to modem. Turned on modem, then computer. Loaded the browser, Comcast's "self installation" screen loaded, (have your bill handy) entered my account #, four clicks later, it is up and running no issues.
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on August 21, 2013
I bought this to replace the comcast modem because I kept having connection problems, and I hate that you have to pay $8 a month forever. It works great and I am happy knowing that I won't be wasting money on a rental anymore. I bought this for under $80 which means that I could have paid for it in ten months on the comcast rental schedule, and just about everywhere else, this modem goes for close to $200.
Set up is ridiculously easy, you just call your internet provider and tell them you are plugging in the new modem and they set it up over the phone. it takes like 5 minutes! then you just have to take the crappy rental to the nearest comcast store, and TA DA! you are free of the overpriced rental shackles!
I highly recommend this modem to anyone using Comcast/Xfinity, since I know it works for them, but the modem is great and if it works with other providers I would recommend this product over any other.
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on August 12, 2014
This modem works flawlessly with Comcast DOCSIS 3.0. Net speed jump from 20mbps to 60mbps. it is crazy that much can be boost from just change the modem. But anyway, the other user was right about Comcast activation. it is flawless when you are a new user with online activation. However, if you are already Comcast customer and replacing the modem. You have to call the activation line. (1-855-652-3446) They will have to remove your old modem record before you can activate the new 1. (Yeah, I know, that sound overly redundant but what can we do). So just make sure repeat couple of time to tell CS that "I bought and own this modem. It is not a rental." and make they to confirm that with you at the end of the call. And check your first month bill after your upgrade.
P.S. this modem is not hot when running. I will give update after I ran it for couple of months later. I hope it will keep running for 7 years like my old motorola surfboard which serve me very very well.
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on December 28, 2012
I replaced the Motorola Surfboard 6121 modem with the the UBEE modem and have not had any major problems since. It occasionally looses the connection and a power reset quickly fixes it. The speeds it obtains are great and I definitely recommend it for Comcast customers.

I first purchased the Motorola Surfboard modem 6121 as it was rated highest on Comcast recommended modem list. It performed sporadically constantly losing connection and having extremely slow speeds 50% of the time. I replaced it thinking it may have been a bad modem but same thing with new modem. I had Comcast come out and they checked all of the cable lines and replaced the cable mast head. It seemed better but started doing the same thing a short time later. .I speculate there is some compatibility issues wit the Comcast modem software that gets downloaded to the modem. It acts OK after a hard reset but then the Comcast software downloads and it starts acting screwy again.
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on January 5, 2014
First, the picture Amazon is showing for this product is no longer correct; apparently the factory has changed the outer plastic shell, as mine is black and the shape is somewhat different. But the functionality is the same.

SPEED: The Ethernet connection to my computer is reported as 1 gbps. I tested the download and upload speed on Comcast's website. Comcast reports the average download speed as 7.54 Mbps, upload speed as 1.11 Mbps. This is about 140 times faster than a 56k dial up modem. NOTE: If the numbers seem low to some readers of this review, it is probably because my Comcast service is not the fastest they sell (I am paying for a medium-fast service that is $25/month cheaper than the fastest possible). But it's fast enough for me. I assume that since this is a DOCSIS 3 modem, it's capable of much higher throughput if the owner was subscribing to a higher level of Comcast internet service.

SETUP: Easy if you know what to do, but unfortunately the modem comes with NO documentation whatsoever, except a piece of paper warning about grounding the coax cable, and listing the MAC address. DON'T disconnect your old internet modem until you have downloaded instructions from your service provider and the PDF user manual for the modem. After I did some research, I connected up the new modem; the setup process went like this (my PC runs Windows XP, if you use a different OS, some of these steps might be different): NOTE: For setting up this modem with Comcast, you will need the account number and phone number under which you purchased the service. If you don't already have this, you will have to phone Comcast and get the info before you proceed.

1. Plug everything in and connect up the ethernet cables to your router or PC. Power up the UBEE cable modem first, then wait two or three minutes for all the blinking lights to stabilize. Next, power on the router (if you use one), wait for all the blinking lights to stabilize, and last power on the computer.

2. After the computer boots up, and the network connection is completed, the network status icon will report either 1 Gbps or 100 Mbps, depending on your ethernet router. Either way, the computer is ready to proceed to the next step.

3. Open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, all work the same). Then try to go to a search engine by typing "[...] or "[...] in the address bar. The browser will re-direct to Comcast's Self Activation page.

4. Follow the steps on the Self-Activation page. This is where you will need your phone number and account number to identify your service to Comcast. If you don't already have a paid subscription to Comcast Internet, you have to take care of that first before you try to hook up your new modem, okay? The Self-Activation server should automatically identify the MAC address of your new modem and whatever other data it needs, you don't have to type in much of anything, except clicking on NEXT buttons when prompted to.

5. After the Self Activation server has acquired all of the data it needs to identify your service and the modem, it will indicate that Activation is underway and that it will need about 10 minutes to complete the process. When it's done, your modem will be working and you can use it. If the process runs into any snags, you may have to phone Comcast and have a technician activate the modem, but I didn't have any problems; the Self Activation went smoothly and almost completely automatically, all I had to type in was my phone number and account number from the receipt that Comcast gave me when I signed up and payed for service, which I did in person at the local Comcast storefront.

SUMMARY: Purchasing this modem will save you the $7.00/month rental fee from Comcast. It's easy to set up (IF you know what to do!), and the price/performance ratio makes it a good value. The only negative is that there are no instructions whatsoever packaged with it, to give you a clue as to how to go about setting it up. But if you read this review, now you know. Good luck!

UPDATE: May 2014 - Modem has been in continuous use for 5 months, and has been completely trouble free. As far as I can tell, it is delivering the full bandwidth I am subscribed to from Comcast. Very happy with this product and would buy it again.
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on June 29, 2014
Modem works very well. The only problem I had was with comcast. It took 3 calls to them to get it logged into their system. The second one actually disconnected my modem from the internet-she was no help whatsoever. The third time was the charm-it only took 10-15 minutes too get it up and running. All I can say is thank god it was a 1-800 number so my cell phone was only charged one minute for each call(I have a VOIP)-so until I was connected to the internet I was using the cell phone and would have been burning minutes-so make sure you either have unlimited minutes-call the 1-800 number-or have a landline where it is not long distance to talk to them. I also had to wait approx 10-15minutes each time I called. For some services there is no 24hr help like there used to be. They also charged me $1.99 to do this-which I find outrageous-and another 1.99 to change my internet speed a few weeks earlier-all for a few button presses. It is the only game in town so I am stuck with them for now.
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on May 24, 2012
This cable modem works great with my Comcast service in the Bay Area. I have Blast service which is advertised to provide 30 Mbps download speed, and I get OVER 30 Mbps with this modem connected to my 4 year old laptop when I performed a speedtest on the comcast website. It also showed over 6Mbps of upload speed. Keep in mind that this is the case when I connect the router DIRECTLY to the laptop with an ethernet cable. If you attach a wireless router it will most likely not give you the same results but that is due to the wireless router. I get over 20 Mbps with the linksys E3200 wireless router which I bought to complement this cable modem and I would recommend the Linksys E3200 if you are looking for a fast dual-band wireless router to pair up with this modem.

As for the installation, it couldn't have been easier for me. Comcast had originally rented me this same modem for 7 months ($49 I threw away in renting) so when the new modem arrived, I simply disconnected the old uBee modem and plugged in the new uBee Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem. When I turned on my firefox internet browser it diverted me to the comcast installation page where I followed the steps (you need your account number) and within a few minutes it detected the new modem and I had internet! Simple as that, no need to call comcast in my case or look for any MAC address. Keep in mind that this is probably the case because I was renting the same exact uBee cable modem, but if you do need to call Comcast, the MAC address is easily accessible on the bottom of the cable modem.

Now 3 months after I bought the modem I have saved $21 and I'm happily continuing to save with little to no issues in connectivity!
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on November 6, 2014
This modem seems to work just fine with TWC in the Los Angeles area. I had it installed prior to my area getting the speed increase (TWC is increasing speed for customers with DOCSIS 3 modems in certain areas). I didn't notice exactly when the speed increase happened.

relatively inexpensive DOCSIS 3.0 modem
works with Time Warner (same brand they use and rent)

power supply failed after a few months
only 4x4 - max download speed of 177Mbps

If I had to do it over I'd get a 4x8 modem instead. It'd be a 4 star product if the power supply hadn't broken. I don't want to have to RMA this thing or I'd follow up with the vendor/mfg.

In general, I'd recommend that all electronics users be familiar with the power supply requirements of their devices. It seems like these DC transformers are not very reliable. You can use a compatible power supply from a discarded electronic device or a 3rd party power supply in the even the supplied one fails.
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on January 16, 2013
I have been on a mission to cut down my bills with the dreaded Comcast Cable Company. I dropped my cable altogether and next I needed to get my own modem to get rid of the $7 monthly charge on my internet. I found this on the Comcast approved modem list and ordered it up. Received it a few days later, opened up the simple packaging and plugged it in. 3 things to plug in: Coax cable from cable wall jack to modem, power cable from wall outlet to modem and ethernet cable from modem to router. Called comcast, registered the modem with them and within 5 minutes was up and running. Make sure to ask the Comcast Rep to remove their modem charge then return them their modem. This modem will pay for itself in just over a year so I highly recommend buying it so you aren't paying Comcast anything more than you absolutely have to.
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