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on April 4, 2014
I just realized that I never wrote a review for the ZeroLemon for the Samsung Galaxy S3. I have had this battery since June 2013. It is great. It always last 2+ days. And I play with my S3 all the time. Occasionally, it will go 3+ days. Read the directions that come with the battery. They very clearly tell you to charge it a full 12 hours before using and then to let it go down to 3% before recharging back to 100% at least 6 times to get the full benefit of the battery. So when you do get it, do no start to use it until you have the time to commit to this initial step. With the included documentation, they make it very clear that you need to do this. OK lets talk size. I am a big guy with big hands. I personally hate the thinner trend with smartphones because they are difficult for me to use. The cheap and slippery plastic back on the Galaxy S3 screams for a case. My daughter has a iPhone 4S with an Otterbox Defender case. I would say that the S3 with the ZeroLemon and the provided case are just slightly bigger than her iPhone with Otterbox Defender. OK now for weight, the S3 is advertised at 133 g (4.69 oz.). I just weighed my S3 with the ZerLemon battery and case - 243 g (8.5 oz). For me, that is nothing. OK now for the case. You are basically stuck with the case provided by ZeroLemon. I was worried about that. After 10 months of being thrown around all around the country on my business trips it is still in pristine condition. I always carry my mobile a pocket. The basic case does not have a belt clip for the geeky type who like to wear their mobiles. But now i see that you can purchase such a case made for the ZeroLemon on Amazon that seems similar to the Otterbox Defender for like $20. OK lets talk about installing the battery. It is not easy. You have to just play with it. Sometimes I get to the end of my patience and then it pops in. Do not force it. The battery does cover the micro SD card slot. So if you have to remove you micro SD a lot, you will just need to be patient. So overall, this is a great replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you are a big guy like me, you will really like the size and how the S3 doesn't disappear in your hand. I hope this is helpful.
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on November 17, 2013
Like all the other reviews long battery life on average 3 days of infrequent use 33% each day. You will never recklessly be powerless if you fallow the simple guide lines. NFC works.

I think the antenna thing is a bunch of BS. You are more aware that you not getting signal because now you have ob-seen amount of batter power to burn, with the smaller battery you were looking at the phone less. Because like me, I was rationing batter power.

What I did find out form an electrical Engineer was that Li-ion charging system is designed not to top off the battery. The battery reports to the phone what 100% is. So the users that have been receiving less than 100% after immediately unplug is due to:
A. your charger is not 2.1A
B. Not charging long enough (see A)
C. not leaving connected for the recommend break in. (not likely) See B

The stock Samsung charger will take over 2 days to get phone to charge to the actual 100% but it will be slow. Go to Home Depot or Amazon and buy the wall socket replacement with USB charger for 24 bucks, and just use your USB cable. It has to be over 2.1 amps. (I am not responsible for electrocution or burning down you house, seek a professional to install it if you do not know what you are doing!) or buy new plug in charger, it also must be over 2.1 amps. You can find an ob-seen amount of them on Amazon. DO NOT go over 2.6 amps, makes the battery get too hot (bad for Li-ion). Li-ion fires are difficult to putout; they produce their own oxygen, never attempt to smother. You must use chemicals to extinguish the fire. 2.5amps MAX!

Even with the 2.1amp charger, you might find after running battery down past 10% it will take a good day (15hrs) to charge. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER run battery less than 1% or let phone just run battery down (deep cycle). That would be the 2nd most damaging thing you could do to your battery, short of it catching fire (the 1st).

If battery % does drop down after immediate disconnect use it for a bit, then plug it back in! The longest I have gotten the 100% to stay is about 2 hrs. I try not to go longer than 2 days 48 hrs or less than 25-33%

I hope someone else can confirm my findings.
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on April 7, 2017
This battery only lasted for 45 days . I followed the instructions in charging it and it worked fine for a while then it stopped working wouldn't hold a charge. After returning it to Bastex Wireless , they said they would not honor the warranty for a refund. I filed a claim with Amazon to resolve the matter and Bastex said now because of the claim I would get nothing. The battery didn't work for me and I would not do business with Bastex wireless they are simple crooks.
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on January 30, 2018
Best speaker! Company has great customer service, the speaker holds it battery for a very long time, I went through about 3 weeks of varying speed showers and only then had to charge up. I love how there's the light option of music playing and the lights going to the beat. It makes interesting sounds, kinda like R2D2 from Star Wars when powering on, but not as annoying or obnoxious as some speakers form china. Sound quality is amazing and can go very loud, water proof seems durable, and can skip music or change volume from the speaker which is nice.
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on February 21, 2014
I bought this battery because I was tired of charging my Samsung battery every 6-8 hours. I guess I am someone you can consider a heavy user. I like to read a lot on my device, not only books or internet but also Facebook(something I need a break from because it takes up a lot of my time and battery), also news apps like CNN or Google Play, Weather, playing music and streaming music and video, etc. I also bought this battery because my son sometimes uses my phone to play video games. I got the package in the mail in a reasonable amount of time. I use my phone all day and leave it on all day constantly rarely shutting it off accept to charge it or if I am in a meeting a work. So, heavy usage.

My settings on my phone are as follows:
Dimmed display-low
I don’t use any power saving apps accept those that come with the phone. At 20% it will go into power saving mode.

I followed the instructions to charge the battery for 12 hours and then use it. I also let the battery go down to 2% and recharge. I actually do this every time.

Overall, I get 2 Days and 3 hours of battery life out of it without a charge with heavy usage. Way better than stock which was 6-8 hours of charge with heavy usage.

I would say this is a good buy especially for the price.

The case is great and constructed well. Not a junky case at all. It provides ample protection. I haven’t dropped it yet but I am able to grip it more, and with the added weight I can hold onto it better for some reason whereas when it was lighter it would fall out of my hands easily.

I recommend this battery. But do follow the directions for optimal usage.

I think my next step will be to use my phone less so I have more silent thinking time for myself. I’ve been a product of this addiction of looking at my phone all the time. And I’ll save more battery life! lol
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on January 18, 2018
I really love the ToughSound speaker, it sounds great and the lights are pretty cool. Volume is excellent too, it gets loud with not too much distortion as long as you don't overdo it. It comes with some pretty sweet accessories along with it too. Be sure to keep the manual around for the first few times you use it, the controls aren't totally obvious at first but it's easy to figure out. Also keep up with the charging cable because it doesn't use micro USB like normal, it charges using a special cable utilizing the headphone jack. But anyway, I definitely recommend this speaker though if you want a low price speaker with pretty good sound that you can easily take camping or throw in your bag for daily use.
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on March 23, 2014
Gave this battery it's first charge upon receiving it. It took about 12 hours to charge. When I put it into use the first time, the battery lasted 2 and a half days. I was extremely impressed with it. I had to purposefully turn everything on the phone to kill it to only 2% so I could recharge it. ( GPS/Screen brightness on full/WiFi/ It was difficult to drain this beast!
My batteries (I have 2 OEM for the Samsung S3). These batteries will last 6 - 8 hours if I'm lucky. As many other reviews of this ZeroLemon state, it does make the phone heavier - no brainer. But the added weight is well worth a Samsung S3 that will last over 2 days. I'm a fairly heavy user, and this batteries longevity is truly astounding.
The battery does fit snug into the phone, you just have to use a bit of finesse with your brawn to power the battery into place.
I don't see how anyone could be sorry about this purchase. I'm thinking of getting a second battery so I can run them down completely & have a fresh one ready to go.
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on December 4, 2014
This replaced the over-two-years-old battery that my Galaxy S3 came with. I let it charge overnight (12+ hours) and then unplugged my phone the next morning. 24 hours later it was still at 90% (only some light usage), and 30 hours in and it shows 86%. The previous battery would have been stone dead by this point. I finally plugged it in at 7%, 8 days 48 minutes after taking it off the charger! Now, to be fair, I don't use my phone often. A couple minutes a day is typical, so almost all of the time was spent with the phone idle, and sleeping. But I do have it connected to WiFi and I run the Life360 app for GPS tracking in case I lose the phone, so I can go find it. Bluetooth and NFC disabled.

The battery adds significant weight to the phone, and when you use the provided (soft) case it is about the size of an Otterbox Defender case. Several other reviews say you can modify an Otterbox Defender to fit this battery, so I might do that with mine. I tried the ZeroLemon Zero Shock case today, but it adds too much extra bulk and I absolutely do not like the feel of the Zero Shock case so I switched back to the case that came with the battery.
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on July 29, 2013
I ordered a Zero Lemon battery for my wife's Samsung Galaxy S3 after buying one for my Galaxy Note 2. Zero Lemon batteries are a SUPER product! They are what all cell phone companies should be including from the factory. We received the battery very fast and was totally impressed with the packaging. Comes in it's own zip lock plastic bag that makes for easy storage of your old battery in case you need it again. However... I cannot see my wife ever using or needing the old original battery since the Zero Lemon is awesome. My wife was charging her Galaxy S3 two & three times per day because of running out of battery power by the afternoon. She had turned off several sync services. Now.... she can turn on all services and after two full days of receiving 100 plus emails, moderate web use, lots of texts and 30 plus phone calls she still has 30 to 40% battery left. She has established a regular charge cycle every other night. This seems to work great which means the battery will also last a long time since all batteries have a limited number of charging cycles. Yes it does add about double the thickness to your phone but it's worth it. Even my wife didn't seem to mind the extra size & weight since it worked beautifully on her business trip to Washington DC. She used GPS with Google Navigation for five hours straight and still had plenty of battery power left until bedtime. To everyone that reads this.... JUST BUY IT! You will not regret it. P. S. The snap in case is real nice too. It has a slightly rough texture to it which makes it less slippery and easy to hold. TW
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on May 16, 2018
I wanted to love this speaker! It's small, had all the sound I needed for my rides, charged easily, great battery life, cute lights, BUT it's major flaw is how it screws onto the bike mount. It broke after only 2 days of use.

The bike mount has a skinny screw/bolt that sticks up and the bottom center of the speaker has a hole with threads that you use to twist the speaker onto the mount. It makes for very easy removal so that no one steals your jams off your bike, but the speaker must just have too much weight to be perched on this screw sticking up from the bike mount. Think of a giant fat head on a skinny spindly neck. The plastic within the threaded hole broke on me today, right in the middle of my ride. The road was very bumpy and as the speaker bobbed around, the plastic of the threads broke of inside the speaker. As I ride 25+ miles a day, I rely on equipment to hold up, which this didn't. If the mount were a wide large post, not a skinny bolt, I feel it would have held up nicely. Until then, I cannot recommend this product for use on bikes.

The products website states that since the speaker was purchased through Amazon, I have to go through Amazon for a resolution. Looking at Amazon's site, there's no option to return it unless the product arrived in this condition.
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