Angel Street & Memphis Tennessee
Nov 11, 2021 • Memphis, TN
Thank you for supporting Angel Street! Yep, we know it's funny that we've created a wedding registry, but we wanted to provide a simple way to help us with our snack program. We'd love to send you a thank you note and a receipt for tax purposes! Please provide your address as you place your order or email God bless! ..... Angel Street mentors girls by providing musical training in communities with limited artistic opportunities. We seek to empower young women to understand their value, discover their purpose, and become creatively equipped to serve the Memphis community as leaders. Angel Street is available to girls ages 8-18 from several schools in the North Memphis community. Auditions are held at the beginning of every fall semester. The Angel Street experience is an outlet of creativity that strives to invest in young artists to encourage, nurture, and develop deep desires for furthering education. Just as sports teams instill confidence and discipline for many youth in our city, Angel Street has a desire to do the same through music. |

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