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asked by Randolph Steer on February 5, 2008
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Why does scheduling a recording require a TiVo service? Can't we just schedule a recording for a particular time/day like we used to do on VCRs? I do not understand why someone does not offer a simple HD DVRs without the service.
RajK answered on May 13, 2008
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I have two Series 2 ( one with a DVD recorder) TiVos and the one with the DVD recorder functions without the TiVo monthly/yearly service plan. TiVo disabled that function on all other units to force customers to enroll in the plan. My other Series 2 Tivo that I purchased for quite a sum of money is now worthless. For that reason, I quit using TiVo entirely and will not purchase one again until I get a guarantee that the basic manual recording functions will operate without subscription.
Tony the Tiger answered on June 3, 2008
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Forget what Tivo says, just unhook the phone or wireless and use the manual record option. either single or repeat record. Then you can select day, ever day, M-F and the from time and the to time and channel. It will then show up with that in your todo list and later in your now playing list. Although it will only be identified by date, time and channel. So if you can accept that it will give you free recording. I have used mine that way for 2 months.
Gaylord P. White answered on August 11, 2009
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I vaguely recall doing this:

1) Need to start with subscription (try non-contract)
2) Remove Ethernet, THEN call TiVO to Cancel subscription. you can continue to enjoy "Setup Manual Recording" (based on pre-set time you configured)
3) Most likely TiVO "Disconnect" dept offers you $7.99/month for good/life fees. Decision time!
4) If you chose not to have subscription, never connect ethernet cable. Once it gets onto Net, and checks/confirms your TiVO subscription-Status, it will likely disable "Setup Manual Recording" feature.
Iam Gift answered on August 16, 2011
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Thanks, yeah I found on TIVO's site the EXORBITANT RATES they charge, what am I missing? Pay $300+ for a HD TIVO DVR, a monthly subscription to TIVO, monthly cost to Comast for the two cable cards I'd need PLUS install fee for Comcast to install the cards...WHO in their right mind would go with TIVO..paying $14.95 a month to Comcast seems like a no brainer...
Richard J. Kish answered on November 27, 2008
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Yoshiro Aoki answered on February 4, 2009
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No... I called Tivo's customer service and they stated that it will work as a manual recorder for only three days of manual schedule recording. Without the subscription the unit does know what's on or offer shows.
Israel Zayas answered on February 9, 2008
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I have a Tivo HD as well as a comcast hd box so I am able to switch between the boxes in order to get on demand. I also recently got a membership to Netflix because I have noticed the on demand selection of movies getting less and less. Well after I discovered this morning that I am able to watch Netflix movies instantly on my Tivo hd I will definately be returning the comcast box. For the price of 3 comcast movies I can watch unlimited netflix content.
Brian D. Harkness answered on January 18, 2009
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They told you wrong, I have a dual tuner, and it works fine with the manual option. It records what ever is on the channel, the day and time you have it programmed for. You can also have for ether a specific date or to repeat. Just do not attach it to telephone or wireless. It will tell you it needs to attach to Tivo, but it does not have to. You can use it just like a vcr.
Gaylord P. White answered on September 22, 2009
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but you can always manually record...and still view and pause? I only record SNL and don't mind starting to record manually. basically I'd like to ditch my VCR.
Marty Nielsen answered on February 14, 2008
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